At Lovat we take pride in being a responsive, service oriented, company. Our goal is to be the most reliable mobile gas solutions provider in the industry. We have a primary focus on LNG and CNG supply, but our team has experience in everything from RNG to Utility Back Up Operators to stranded gas and flare gas capture. We look forward to hearing how we can provide a solution that meets your needs.

LNG Solutions

Our track record of supplying LNG no matter the conditions or location, gives our customers peace of mind so they can focus on their business.. Whether you are an industrial user or a utility, your business relies on the use of natural gas. Contact us to develop a dependable short term, long term or back-up supply of natural gas to suit your organizations needs.

CNG Solutions

We take pride in working with our customer to find the right solution, whether the problem is large or small. Our team is ready to meet your CNG needs. Whether it is planned or emergency outage, give us a call and let our responsive and reliable people, provide a quick solution for your needs.

Hydrogen Solutions

Methane is the cleanest burning Hydrocarbon. Remove the Carbon and you have Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, as when reacted in a fuel cell it generates clean power.

LOVAT Gas Solutions team of experts can assist you in your Hydrogen project. Our team has over 80 Years combined experience in Compressed Gases and specific experience in the Hydrogen Sector.
Let us help with Hydrogen tube trailers for support of Fuel Cell Vehicle Demos or other Hydrogen projects.

Call a LOVAT expert to help you with your Mobile Hydrogen Supply needs.

Renewable Natural Gas

If you have RNG that needs to be transported from Point A to Point B (source to sales), contact us to devise a logistical plan that is tailor designed for your project inclusive of compression, trucking and decompression facilities.

Utility Backup Operators

We draw on the 80+ years of experience our team possesses From helping Gas Utilities with Pipeline outages through redesigning Town Border stations.

Our team of Operators are backed by Engineers and Operations support, to be able to assist your Utility or Gas operation with short or Long term operations support.

Our operators are well trained with all the Safety training to come and support your operation on short notice.

We have experience right across Canada from North to South, East to West. Call a LOVAT expert to help you with your temporary Operational manpower needs.

Flare Gas Capture/ Stranded Gas

Flare Gas Capture

Most governing energy regulators require Producers to conserve the associated gas in order for oil production to take place. If your company has an oilwell or field that is shut in due to excess gas production, contact us as we can devise a conservation and revenue plan for your company.

Stranded Gas

Gas wells that are shut in and isolated from pipeline infrastructure are considered stranded wells. In order for the Producer to realize value, a plan to produce the resource must be designed. We can help so contact us to develop a production and revenue plan for your idle gas asset(s).